The Venue

Hosting an event here at The Stables of Rolling Ridge is a great way to experience the farm! The outdoor event sites provide a comfortable, countryside setting for Weddings, Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Corporate Retreats, and all types of social gatherings.

Farm reservations are available Sunday through Friday, March through November.

The tented reception site is comfortable for up to 145 guests seated, with room for dancing. Choose from a standard rental or customize a reservation package.

Planning a smaller celebration such as a shower or birthday? Consider a workshop-style party in the Floral Shop! Seasonal workshops are available for online registration or group reservation, year rounds. Add a workshop style bar to any event!

Rolling Ridge is a family owned farm and homestead. The property is closed to the public and open for events by reservation only. Private appointments for tours may be scheduled Sunday through Friday, farm schedule permitting. Tours include a free planning consultation that you may find helpful for planning the day at any venue. For availability, please contact

The Overlook


Enjoy a panoramic view of the farm! The “Overlook” flaunts the secluded acreage and feels made for hosting Wedding Ceremonies. This slightly sloped lawn space stays well-maintained and is level enough for all of your ceremony chairs, with just enough slope to give everyone a perfect view. The overlook is located just a short walk from from guest parking and is accessed by a gravel road.

The Barn Patio

barn patio.jpg

Each and every structure here on the farm is a unique combination of stunning stonework and woodwork. The cobblestone patio that surrounds “Barn 2” is a terrific gathering space and works as a great backdrop for a bar or photo booth! The Barn Patio is located steps away from the tent site and is separated by a gravel.

The Tent Site

reception site.jpg

Located adjacent to the Barn Patio, alongside the creek and protected woodland, is a stone equipment pad. This 30X90 paved area functions as perfect flooring for furniture and dancing rain or shine! Originally designed for displaying the farm’s finest machinery, the neutral area compliments Barn 2 nicely and works well for events of all color schemes. For cost efficiency, farm reservations typically include an elegant white frame tent, sized appropriately for your event. Tent pricing includes standard lighting and walls that may be set open to let in the sunshine and breeze, or closed to keep out the rain and wind.

The Bridal Suite

Bridal Suite

Complete with beautiful glass-work and woodwork, comfortable seating, plenty of mirror and surface space, stunning farm views…and neighing horses…the floral shop above the barn offers a fairy-tale setting for getting ready! You’ll have access to the Floral Shop’s “Bridal Suite” for pre-ceremony preparations and photography with all wedding reservations. Upon request, a separate room is available for the other half of your wedding party.

Reservation Pricing

Farm Reservations are available Sunday through Friday
145 Guests Maximum Seated Capacity (w/room for dancing)

The Stables of Rolling Ridge offers standard rental packages which include the appropriate tenting and furniture assortment based on your number of guests (2 to 145).

We understand that each wedding and event is completely unique. That’s why all standard packages may be tailored as needed to accommodate your specific plans and budget.

For rental pricing information or to schedule a tour and free planning consultation, please contact our Events Coordinator by e-mailing or filling out the form above.