It can feel overwhelming, we know. Take a deep breath and let us help you make sense of it all. 

How much do Rolling Ridge's rental items cost?

Nothing. We offer free rentals of vases, pedestals, arbors, chuppahs, arches, linens, and anything else we need for your wedding. Rental items are returned to us at your convenience within five days of the wedding or, for an additional tear-down fee, we can pick up these items at the end of the night. All flowers are yours to keep and take home or give out to guests and family members. As long as your designs require rental items, we ask you to write a separate rental deposit check, which we will return to you upon the items returned. 

When do I have to pay?
A 10% deposit guarantees your spot on our wedding calendar. Payment in full is due one week before the wedding date.

I have a small budget; can I still have wedding flowers?
Every bride deserves flowers and we can work with most budgets. Let us know your budget, where you would like to concentrate your money (i.e. bridal party or ceremony flowers or the reception) and we can begin to find ideas that work for you. That is, we can shape the size and scope of your arrangements to suit your budget.

Can I have flowers exactly like those I saw in the magazine?
Of course, if that’s what you really want. We try our best to recreate something you’ve seen somewhere else, but as we are creative types, we offer suggestions on how to make it look better. Sometimes what you see in magazines looks a little different in the light of day, thanks to the magic of lighting and photoshop. We do our best to explain how it will be the same, where it might be different, how we can make it look prettier/match your colors/stay in your budget, because we know exactly how the bouquet on the picture would really look in your context. Remember, we speak floral fluently.

I want to donate some of my wedding flowers after we’re done. Can you help?
Great idea! We can help you find an appropriate charity or, for an additional fee, we can pick up your flowers after the event and deliver them to a charity of your choice. Just let us know what you have in mind as we finalize your wedding plans.

Can I get a sample of my bouquet?
Absolutely, we can make a "mock up" bouquets or centerpieces, a grouping of similar flowers in your color scheme, for you to look at in the store. Samples and mock ups are by request only and subject to availability of flower. For example, if you want a bouquet of peonies for your May wedding, we will not be able to get peonies for you to look at in January. If your requested flowers are out of season, we will do our best to find something similar.
Where possible, we always try to find pictures of similar bouquets to help you visualize the look we are going to create for you. However, keep in mind that every bouquet we make is a unique one-of-kind creation and the exact picture of it does not exist.

Can I get my flowers for my photo shoot?
Absolutely. If your photo shoot is the same day as the wedding, let us know and we will make plans to deliver it to you in time. If you photo shot is on a different day, we can make a small bouquet for a nominal cost or the exact bouquet for the price listed.

How can I go green with my wedding flowers?
We are so glad you asked. First of all, we use our farm flowers and materials as possible. Our flowers also come only from Veriflora or FloraVerde certified farms throughout the world. The Veriflora program certifies that floral growers meet US standards for sustainable farming and labor practices.

Finally, we work with YOU to help you decide on the best seasonal and locally grown flowers, recycled centerpiece options and floral donations that will help you feel good about the flowers you use on your special day.

I want to use my own… is it possible?
Sure. Talk to us about what you have and we’ll see how we can make this work for the look you have in mind. Your heirloom accessories, family's fabrics, floral vessels, décor items…anything that can says 'you' better is superb! Please note that if you want to bring your own flowers for any reason, we can work with them, but the price we quote for you would be the same as we get flowers from our wholesalers, because we cannot guarantee the quality of the materials you bring in.

Can I have local flowers for my wedding?
Yes, yes, yes! The seasonality of your choice blooms may vary, but we will do our best to ensure that we prioritize locality of your flowers. We get our local flowers directly from our own farm in Gaithersburg, Maryland, as well as other sustainable farms in Maryland and Virginia.