Owner of Rolling Ridge Floral Design

Emmi started having a love for flowers in 2014. She began her journey as a floral designer by taking numerous workshops at the Washington Flower School and consequently working at Park Florist with Jeanne Ha, in Takoma Park. She is a certified floral designer and currently working on her AIFD (American Institute of Floral Designers) certification. 

Born and raised in France and Switzerland, she brings with her an international touch to her designs.  She worked at flower shops in Switzerland, and is currently a member of the National Cathedral flower guild in Washington, DC. She puts her whole heart into everything she does. Emmi designs every single piece as if they were her own. Aside from being a floral designer, she raises her four children and spends time with her german shepherd Olav and Bernese mountain dog Galina. Emmi is very passionate about flowers and growing them on the farm.